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Rochelle is smart, confident and beautiful, but she’s far from perfect.She holds on to things (and people) out of comfort, rather than finding the strength to strike out on her own.But, perhaps his heaviest burden is in trying to decipher how his actions influence his own self-worth.While Charles Brice’s performance as Ray is fantastic, and William Jackson Harper’s portrayal of his homeboy Jake is delightful, De Wanda Wise as Rochelle is sensational.

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At the top of her game professionally, Rochelle is a stunning beauty who doesn’t take shit from anyone; especially not self-proclaimed “nice guys” like Ray.

Rochelle is so dope, that even when her decision-making is less than stellar, you’ll still root for her.

With dazzling dark brown faces, witty dialogue and plenty of laugh-out-loud- moments, “How to Tell You’re a Douchebag” speaks directly to millennials, whilst simultaneously calling us out on our bullshit.

As Black women continue to outpace Black men in terms of education and job advancement, we’re told that our only options are "fuckboys" or "dopeboys." However, that hasn’t been my experience; nor has it been the experience of my girlfriends.

“How to Tell You’re a Douchebag” follows Ray Livingston (played by relative newcomer Charles Brice), a 20-something Brooklynite anxious to find his footing as a writer while advancing his blog, “Occasionally Dating Black Women." Getting over a rough breakup, Ray finds himself unable to cope with his emotions, which leads him down a rather rocky path.

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